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Barter E-mail Advertising

Do you need immediate exposure of your products, services, and needs from other companies wanting to barter?

Our Barter E-mail System will send your advertisement to thousands of active traders worldwide.

You will get results immediately! Your advertisement responses can vary from minutes to days, depending on the product you advertise. $20 ads have generated over $10,000 worth of business.

You may advertise anything you wish, but ads not promoting barter transactions will not be allowed! You can advertise as many different ads as often as you wish, but we will restrict similar ads to be run once a month from the same advertiser
Be prepared to answer your phone or email after placing your ad. After the ad is sent, we can not stop the responses from coming to you.

We are accepting major trade currencies, Credit Card, PayPal.com, or direct trade for payment of this service.

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